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Artist Lynne Bittner

The artistic vision of Wildflower Graphics

Lynne Bittner loved wildflowers and made her living selling her illustrations of them with her design partner and husband Richie Bittner. Together they have created Wildflower Graphics in Greenwich, NY on the banks of the Battenkill River, a few miles east of the Hudson. Lynne was a self taught illustrator. In her early twenties she was inspired by The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady by Edith Holden, written in 1906. It included her water colors of flora and fauna of the English countryside, along with poetry that she loved. The discovery of this book made a lasting impression on Lynne in many ways and she began to dabble with her own drawings and water colors of local woodland wildflowers, such as dutchmen's breeches, jack in the pulpits and lady's slippers to name a few. Lynne's illustrations begin at the drawing board with a line illustration done by hand. Then together with Richie, the drawing is scanned and color, texturing and formatting are created digitally, each illustration taking many hours to complete. 

Wildflower Graphics

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Lynne Marie Bittner

In the 1986, my wife,

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Richard Bittner, Co-Founder and Proprietor

Lynne Marie Bittner died on July 20, 2016 at Saratoga Hospital after losing her battle with cancer. She fought to the last, never giving up hope of remission and cure.  Her spirit and determination are an inspiration to all that knew her.  Never one to shy from a fight, she faced cancer as she faced any situation, with a steady hand and a firm belief that she would in the end prevail.